DJR1: dirtyjazz - the compilation
DJR2: bluetorangsch - demo

DJR1: dirtyjazz - the compilation (dirtyjazz recordings release 1)
a selection of the finest tunes by sofajazz, morbid cornflakes and mistafunk

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1. swinging in sofajazz
2. reopening sofajazz
3. the groove mistafunk
4. strikes and gutters morbid cornflakes
5. honeynut loop sofajazz
6. mighty yogibear morbid cornflakes
7. airlock mistafunk
8. cereal box phoenix morbid cornflakes
9. the beginning mistafunk
10. trash_erotic_club_movie [sofajazz remix] frugopop
11. loop19 mistafunk
12. cold outside morbid cornflakes
13. rohstoff sofajazz
14. accu mistafunk
15. nonattention morbid cornflakes
16. make it clear sofajazz
17. swinging out sofajazz
DJR2: bluetorangsch - demo (dirtyjazz recordings release 2)
five beautiful tunes played by "bluetorangsch", a jazz quartet from zurich
alain brenzikofer (ts), raphael dischl (p), frank althaus (b), michael krummenerl (dr)

1. chill
2. dr jazz
3. amorous cat
4. nao me esqueca
5. afro blue